Atlantianite Orgone Devices

These *Atlantianite orgone devices are based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of ‘Orgone energy’. Reich said that many physical and emotional conditions are the result of blocked or deficient Orgone. Reich believed that layers of organic and inorganic material placed in a certain way would attract increased life force energy or “Orgone” By seating his patients within a layered ‘Orgone Accumulator’ Reich said the correct flow and quantity of energy will be restored and the patient will regain health and vitality. These devices work by changing the vibration of the person, animal or plant near, or onto which it is placed. Simply being near to an Atlantianite device can generate heat or tingling in your body as the energy begins to move. 

How to use them

Hold your hand over the top of an Orgone device, without touching it. Notice the sensations in your hand or sometimes elsewhere in your body. Now, do the same over a different device. Note the sensations will change. Some will lift your energy others make you feel ‘grounded’ and you may feel much lighter or heavier around different types. Some people will experience ‘visions’ or get in touch with different levels of reality as the Atlantianite device lifts their vibration.

Reducing EMF - Electromagnetic Frequencies

Single cones are placed near computers, TV’s or other electrical devices to help neutralise the effects of electro magnetic frequencies.

*Atlantianite is the creation of Northstar Crystals.