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P - The Water Elemental / Sea God

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The Water Elemental/sea God 2020

40 x 50 cm 

An original acrylic canvas by Jacqui de Rose. Each painting has hidden meanings linked to Mother Nature, earth traditions and sometimes spiritual healing. Each original painting comes ready to hang with a certificate of authenticity and is signed by the artist. The price includes UK P&P.

This original painting celebrates the Element of Water. Inspired by mythology, I have pained a Poseidon type archetype as my Water Elemental (3/4 of a series). The colours have evolved as the piece developed from darker more foreboding to a lighter colour spectrum. The octopus is a major animal totem and symbolises psychic abilities or using deep intuition. Water as an element is link with emotions. This is a piece about tapping into your deeper emotions by using insight or intuition. 

Also available as a Limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print. Image size is 7" x 9" and printed on A4 230gsm archival matt paper. Limited Print run of ONLY 10. £25 includes FREE UK P&P.

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