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Atlantianite Remedies - 60mm wide at base and 60mm tall

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Atlantianite remedies are unique and unlike any other energy balancing or clearing devices. Each remedy was created using channelled recipes mixing specific crystals, metals and resin to bring you individual pyramid shaped devices to help you remove subconscious emotional blocks held around common life issues such as improving financial abundance, boosting self-esteem and enhancing personal relationships. Full descriptions and instructions are sent with each purchase. The remedies can be used either individually simply by sitting with them or collectively within a grid with other cones and/or crystals. 

IF use the remedies for my own personal and spiritual development and with my clients to help them identify where in their body they are holding onto emotions linked with current life issues, repressed memories, grief, loss, self-esteem, spiritual growth etc.

The following remedies are currently available. Please email me if you would like more detailed information. jacquiderose@yahoo.co.uk.

Increasing Financial Abundance - Green and Gold

Boosting Self-Esteem - Soft Purple

Enhancing Relationships - Green and Pink

Releasing Negativity - Green and White

Aiding communication - Maroon and Gold

Spiritual Connection - Light Blue

It is my experience that often clients can experience the associated energy blocks in any part of the body when working with these pieces individually. You do not need to have any background knowledge to use energy harmonisers as they tend to do their own thing and work on clearing the blocks intuitively. However, more information regarding the mind body connection can be found online and I recommend these publications for more in-depth explanations and information.

Heal Your Body - Louise Hay ISBN 978-0-93761-135-7

Metaphysical Anatomy - Evette Rose ISBN 9781-4823-158-20 


*The colour and content may vary to the images shown as each one is unique. All descriptions and instructions are taken from the manufacturers catalogues at the time of adding the product to this site and are for information only. The properties of the crystals and stones and Atlantianite devices listed are based upon feedback from clients and customers, workshops and courses, published and unpublished sources and over 20 years of the manufacturer's personal experience of working with crystals and subtle energy healing.The device usage or crystal healing should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. 

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