Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - H
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Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - H

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A  handmade card 7" x 5" created on 250gsm card. Item includes a small card detailing the card meaning, an envelope and is plastic wrapped.

Spiritual and Folklore Interpretations:  Letter ‘H'

Hare:                      Transformation, revealing hidden messages and leaps of faith.

Hawk:                     Messages from spirit, courage, wisdom and illumination.

Hedgehog:             Fertility and connection with source.

Horse:                    Personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom.

Hawthorn:              Protection, love and marriage spells.

Hazel:                     Helps to gain knowledge and wisdom. Water divination.

Heather:                Good Luck and Protection.

Honeysuckle:        Generous, Devoted Affection, A sweet disposition.

Dagda’s Harp:       A magical harp belonging to the God Dagda in Irish mythology; said     

                              to put the seasons in order.

Heaven:                A common concept in many religions, divine home of the Holy Spirit of                          God and the Angels. (Sun’s rays in clouds)

Hills:                      The Malvern Hills (Worcs), where the spring water is said to have                               healing properties in local folklore.

Holy Grail:             A holy relic from the Legend of King Arthur

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