Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - K
Jacqui de Rose Art

Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - K

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A  handmade card 7" x 5" created on 250gsm card. Item includes a small card detailing the card meaning, an envelope and is plastic wrapped.

Spiritual and Folklore Interpretations:  Letter ‘K'

Kingfisher:      A symbol of peace, prosperity, beauty and agility.

Kittiwake:        Seagulls represent spiritual messengers linking you with your spirit guides.

Kestrel:           Linked to Patience, concentration and precise action.

Knapweed:       A medicinal plant used as a tonic or diuretic.

Kilmarnock  Willow: Willows are associated with making good impressions in love and career.

 Key:                Keys represent opportunities and the opening of doors.     

 Mount Knocknarea:  A sacred Celtic site and home to Queen Maeve’s Tomb in Ireland.

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