Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - T
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Card b - 7 x 5" - Folklore Alphabet - T

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A  handmade card 7" x 5" created on 250gsm card. Item includes a small card detailing the card meaning, an envelope and is plastic wrapped.

Spiritual and Folklore Interpretations:  Letter ‘T'

Tawny Owl:     Wisdom and a symbol of knowledge.  

Turtle Dove:   Love and tenderness.

Tiger Moth:     Vulnerability and determination.

Tortoiseshell  Butterfly:   Beauty and Metamorphosis. Human Soul.

Toad:               Associated with money and luck.

Toadstools:     Male fertility and virility.

Thor’s Oak:     Strength, Protection and Healing.

Thistles:          Herb of protection. Milk Thistle.

Trifolium:        Shamrock, national flower of Ireland and represents the Trinity.

Tanecetum:     Traditional medicinal herb to relieve migraines.

Traveller’s Joy: Clematis represents safety.

Triple Moon  Goddess:   A Celtic symbol representing femininity and the three phases of the moon.

Treskelion:      Personal Growth, Human Development and Spiritual Expansion.

Triquetra:        Spiritual unity.

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