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Atlantianite Pocket/Palm cone - 60mm wide at base

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Used singly by the side of computers to reduce EMF or for forming ‘grids’.

 60mm wide.

Hold an orgonite cone or orgonite pocket diamond ( pictured ) a few inches above the painful area. You do not need to make any physical contact. Now, slowly rotate the orgonite anticlockwise for a minute or so, keeping the point of the orgonite facing the painful area. This will draw the blocked energy ( pain ) into the orgonite.

Groups of cones used as ’grids’ There are endless layouts, with differing numbers and patterns of cones, each with it’s own special properties and ability to affect the people and environment where they are placed or towards which they are directed. Place the name of a person or situation in need of healing, within the grid. The energy is immediate and the person in the grid will often feel a tingling around their head or shoulders as the energy begins to move.

4 cones - Harmony. 6 cones - Magick, 7 cones - Deep Healing, 8 Cones - Attunement.

*The colour and content may vary to the images shown as each one is unique. All descriptions and instructions are taken from the manufacturers catalogues at the time of adding the product to this site and are for information only. The properties of the crystals and stones and Atlantianite devices listed are based upon feedback from clients and customers, workshops and courses, published and unpublished sources and over 20 years of the manufacturer's personal experience of working with crystals and subtle energy healing.The device usage or crystal healing should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medical treatment.