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Original Painting - Folklore Alphabet - S

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This painting is one of a series of 26 Alphabet paintings measuring 10.5" x 13.5" (to fit 11x14 Frame) which celebrate the richness and diversity of the flora and fauna of the British Isles and the influence of the cultures that surround it. Mythological stories and ancient folklore handed down from our ancestors have given our beautiful Isles and all her creatures spiritual significance.The aim of this series of paintings is to continue this tradition by creating a collection of spiritual images inspired by folklore and Mother Nature to pass onto our own children based on the letters of the alphabet.

Spiritual and Folklore Interpretations:  Letter ‘S'

Stag:                A spirit animal associated with transitions, new beginnings, also virility and pride. 

Squirrel:          Spiritually, linked to planning ahead and being resourceful as well as fun.

Song Thrush:  Spiritually linked to the use of voice and communication issues.

Spider:             Feminine Energy and Creativity.

Scot’s Pine:     Spiritually linked to fertility, abundance, wealth and birth. The Christmas Tree.

Silver Fir:          Linked to regeneration and the blending of previous life knowledge with current situations.

Sycamore Tree:  Sacred to the Egyptians and Spiritually symbolises nourishment and beauty.

Snowdrops:     Spiritual meaning is hope and faith in adversity.

Stars:               Often linked to new ideas and inspiration.

Sun:                 Linked to good health and personal power.

Spirals:            Linked to journeying and things evolving over time. Important Celtic Art.

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