PA - Fox - Lazy Summer Days
Jacqui de Rose Art

PA - Fox - Lazy Summer Days

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Lazy Summer Days 2019

50 cm  x 40 cm 

An original acrylic canvas by Jacqui de Rose. Each painting has hidden meanings linked to Mother Nature, earth traditions and sometimes spiritual healing.

This original painting depicts a fox resting amongst foxgloves in a sunny glade. Traditionally foxes are considered quick thinking and as an animal totem often bring in unpredictable change. He encourages you to gather the information and act quickly. 

Foxgloves have many spiritual meanings including creativity, abundance, productivity, intuition, ambition and confidence. So this is really a piece about grabbing opportunities that arrives out of the blue and stepping into your power.. OR it could just be a pretty painting!!! 

Each Original comes with a certificate of authenticity. The price includes UK P&P. Please message me if overseas. Thank you

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