Portrait Commissions


Portrait Commissions

Have you ever wanted to commission a painting for yourself or as a unique gift for a special someone? I am offering clients the opportunity to see themselves transformed into Green Men, Fairies, Witches, Gods/Goddesses, Vikings, Shaman and Hedgewitches or if preferred I am happy to paint a portrait that captures your essence through my eyes. Fees start at £350 for an A3 portrait (plus delivery). Please contact me for more details. UK ONLY.

ABOVE: Radiance 2023

BELOW: They shall not grow old. WW1 portrait commission.2022

I also offer Pet Portraits of your favourite pooch or feline friend.

TED: 2021

Examples of Pagan Portraits below: The Holly King, The Oak King, The Beech Queen, The Crone, The Mother and a Personal Commission.



Please email jacquiderose@yahoo.co.uk or Tel 07796 055267 for all inquiries

Thank you